Hosted E-mail & Exchange Server

With our hosted solutions portfolio we can build custom solutions that let small to medium-sized business customers as well as large enterprises and governments make use of our facilities to provide the most robust IT solutions that benefit your business driving your overall IT cost down.

Over the past few years the term “cloud computing” has come into the mainstream, but what is cloud computing? Simply, it is a way to allow businesses to tap into the economy of scale provided by placing IT infrastructure in a remote facility in the “cloud” managed by others rather than by expending the cost for a large internal IT staff. has been providing “cloud solutions” since the 1990’s before the term “cloud computing” existed. Because the service is “hosted” there is no infrastructure to purchase, manage or maintain. We do all the heavy lifting for you keeping your services operational 24/7 365. Our hosted solutions are housed in three fully redundant facilities to provide maximum up time to our customers.

E-mail has become a requirement of a business in the 21st century. Unfortunately, with SPAM and Cyber treats administrating your own business mail server is becoming a full time job for your IT professionals. has been providing a strong managed and hosted email service to our business and government customers since 1997. Our redundant dual NOC locations and mail server selections help us meet the required 100% uptime business demands. We can customize a solution for your email needs. We provide a robust UNIX based mail server solution and a full managed Microsoft Exchange solution.

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