Hosted Desktop (DaaS)

Virtualize your remote workforce!

With more workers than ever working remotely from home due to Covid 19 your data is exposed to many more risks. It is more important than ever to have a safe and secure platform to access company data and allow your employees to easily collaborate with other team members. Our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) lets you house your desktops on our severs rather than end points in your office or laptops in the field.
6 Reasons why DaaS makes sense:
  1. Data is stored in our secure cloud data center in the USA
  2. Data security is superior to physical desktop machines
  3. Machines can be provisioned much faster than physical machines
  4. Virtual machines are more cost effective than physical servers
  5. Software updates are faster to deploy to all virtual machines
  6. The virtual PC’s can be accessed by thin clients, Laptops home PC’s or even tablets with all processing being done in our data center not on the endpoint and the data securely remaining in the data center not on the device in the field

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