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Cloud data backup solutions are cost efficient, scalable and provide an increased level of data security.

Your data is the life blood of your business. Most of the companies that suffered significant data loss end up going out of business with in few months of the incident. Every person charged with their companies data security bears the responsibility of insuring that the data is secure to the best of their ability and meeting current industry standards.

As a managed service provider and Veeam Cloud Connect Pro-partner Urbancom will assist our customers to develop a proper industry standard back up and recovery solution. Veeam is one of the three worlds largest software manufacturers providing back up software. Veeam relies on Cloud Connect Service Provider partners like Urbancom, a Silver Pro-Partner Cloud Provider to provide the hosted cloud backup, which we provide on our own servers in our own Tier 3+ secure data center right here in the USA.

What is the Urbancom Cloud Methodology for Backup ?

Urbancom is here to provide a complete turn-key solution to your Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery needs. Our solution provides for both an on premises and cloud backup of your data, whether on a physical server, PC, laptop or virtualized VMWare or Hyper-V hypervisor or stored on another cloud service such as Office 360, Azure or AWS.

Mission critical data must be backed up using the 3-2-1-0 rule. So what is the 3-2-1-0 rule? Well the rule previously was referred to as the 3-2-1 rule, but that just doesn’t take it far enough, we must now implement the 3-2-1-0 rule. So what is does that mean?

The 3-2-1-0 Rule

3 – Maintain at least 3 copies of your data

In addition to your primary copy of your data on your server or PC you should have at least two more complete backups of your data.

2 – Store your backups on at least two different types of media

In order to protect from media failures the copies should be kept on different types of media such as internal hard drives and removable media.  This will limit your exposure to data loss due to vulnerabilities with the same type of media.

1 – Keep one of the backups in a different location

You should always keep one of your backups in an offsite location. This will allow recovery data in the event of a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, or other man made or natural disaster which may effect the primary location where your data is stored.

0 – Verify your recovery plan and backups have zero errors

It is essential that you regularly test your backup and recovery plan and the integrity of the backup data, so that the data is there when you need it.

Why Urbancom Cloud Backup (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) as a Service?

We make your 3-2-1-0 Backup Process simple

Our solutions provide a complete turn-key approach to meeting the 3-2-1-0 backup process. We simplify the entire process and provide easy fast set up for our customers.  Are Veeam Certified Engineers are here to assist you through every step of the process.

Customized to your needs.

Unlike other providers that offer a cookie cutter solution we provide a robust customized service to meet the individual customer’s needs. First our engineers we will discuss your current data storage needs and work with you to develop a data storage and disaster recovery plan.  We need to know your data retention requirements and collaborate with you on developing a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan to meet your needs and budget.

Local and Cloud Backup provided as a Service.

In a typical solution we install a on premises appliance that provides the first level of backup for your data.  That appliance is scaled to the number of machines that are needing to be backed up and the needs of your data retention policy. 

Once that appliance is installed and the backup software configured a gateway will be established to our secure Urbancom Cloud Veeam repository from your location.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your backup, we may seed your first master backup to our facility.  Once you are up and running our engineers will provide individualized training to your staff as needed to get them familiar with the self service functions of the Urbancom Cloud Veeam Backup and Recovery portal.  As part of this on-boarding process we will verify the integrity of your backup data, and simulate a restore of that data to a server in our cloud.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions to Grow with you and meet your budget.

At Urbancom we understand that every customer’s needs are different, as is their budget.  Our OPEX approach of providing a pay as you go solution keeps your budget under control.  There is no need to purchase costly software licenses up front.  Our solution provides a nominal initial installation cost which varies based on the local capacity you need for your storage and our monthly service charge for your cloud data storage includes all the Veeam software licensing for your on premises and cloud storage.  

Fully Redundant Storage Servers

Urbancom Cloud servers are built on a platform of multiple servers creating storage pods. Each pod consists of a minimum of 4 storage server nodes. Data is written across each of the 4 or more servers to provide fault tolerance and redundancy. This implementation provides for the highest level of redundancy and replication. Multiple copies of your data are spread across multiple nodes which allows for the failure of multiple hard drives and even nodes without the loss of data or uptime, and are self healing should a drive or server fail.

Each of these storage pods are capable of a storage capacity of in excess of 1 Petabyte, or 1 million gigabytes (GB). Urbancom Cloud has your storage needs covered.

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