Colocation & Managed Services

Our data center gives you the power to customize your server colocation solution to your needs. We offer server storage down to the 1U as well as half and full cabinet space with flexible power and internet configurations.

At our data center we prioritize security and uptime reliability. Learn more about our safety features and data center facility. Our on-site engineering staff continuously monitor your equipment and provide real time feedback to ensure high availability.

What is Colocation?

Data center colocation allows you to store your server equipment in a shared and maintained environment. This reduces the cost of having to maintain and staff your own data center and gives you a better opportunity to scale up as your business grows. At our dedicated location, we can power and connect server equipment more efficiently and securely than individual centers.

Why Colocate?

Placing your servers in our data center whether managed by yourself or our managed services provides peace of mind for your data security. Our facility provides robust dedicated internet connectivity of 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps to your server. Our climate control keeps your servers operating at the optimal temperature with fully redundant power in a safe and secure facility.


Our customers are very special to us and it’s important that we provide a powerful home for all of your colocation needs. Community connectivity is integral to all data center services. At our data center, you will be linked in to the rest of the Chicago-land community. Dedicated speeds to your server can be customized from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.

Customization & Scalability

We offer a wide range of high-quality customization in our data center to suit your deployment needs.


Our data center includes round-the-clock security and protocols to protect your equipment and data.

Technical Support

Our data center colocation services come with the expertise of on-site engineers. The facility is monitored 24/7, ensuring that business is not interrupted. As a leader in telecommunications, Urbancom staffs qualified technicians to handle any customer requests. Outsourcing your technical support staff allows you to:

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