Disaster Recovery

See How Effortless Disaster Recovery Can Be

With the Urbancom Cloud Veeam Backup and Recovery Service and a full disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering provides for a complete recovery from a loss of critical data from ransomware, natural disasters, infrastructure failures. Business continuity of your data is not a luxury but a necessity. No business should be without a full DR Plan.

We know that whether you are a small business or large enterprise or government agency your IT staff is taxed with day to day operations and the unseen needs of DR are often neglected. Over 90% of businesses who experience a major disruption who don’t have a comprehensive DR plan may go out of business. Make sure that you are not one of those statistics. The cost of server downtime can be significant, from lost productivity to lost sales that are never recovered. Hourly costs can range from thousands to millions of dollars. No business would consider operating without insurance. A DR plan is just that, insurance that your data will survive a catastrophic event.

Urbancom Does the Heavy Lifting

While the Urbancom Cloud Veeam Cloud Connect we offer to provides a level of security providing multiple copies of your data under the 3-2-1-1 rule it is only a start. We need to discuss the full implementation of a DraaS plan which will get your business up and running should a disaster occur. Without a proactive plan prior to the disaster taking place you will need to be reactive and this will delay any recovery from the disaster. You should consider just how much server down time your business can withstand in developing a proper DR plan. Our team of engineers and business experts can assist you in mitigating your exposures.

Our DraaS allows our customers to:

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our solutions provide for multiple means of keeping your critical servers on line. Those solutions provide the ability to:

Urbancom Cloud Disaster Recovery Partners

We offer a comprehensive line of DR solutions customized to meet your needs using software licensed from the above partners. This allows us to provide the best in class DRaaS to our customers.

Our DR solutions include automatic testing of data sets send to our cloud. This ensures recovery of your data. You have peace of mind that your data is intact if and when you need it.

Urbancom can automatically test recoveries weekly or monthly at the application level. We’ll email you an easy-to-read report that you can share with auditors (and your boss) documenting your compliance with recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs), retention requirements, and more.

The Protection You Need at a Cost You Can Afford

Urbancom offers flexible cost-efficient DRaaS options based on how fast you need to recover your applications. Choose 1 hour or 24-hour recovery times.

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